3 Big Nutrition Enhancing Combos to mix up your Kitchen regime

We’re big on Nutrition and we’ve been scouring the net for a while looking for established and proven trends for what foods should be part of your essential kitchen regime. We’re not looking to detail out a particular diet type here, in fact if the best ‘diet’ that we always recommend is the ‘balanced diet’  (take that aktins!)


The list below hopefully provides you some variety of good stable food sources that we regularly use as the basis for further experimentation and rotation.


1) Chicken, Broccoli, Feta Cheese, Couscous : Killer Salad

This twist on what is many gym go’ers regular but boring low carb option. We add big flavour with a little Spiced Couscous and Feta Cheese into the mix as a kinda sauce. We hope you like it and agree it packs the nutritional punch.

Example Recipe: HERE


2) Banana, Spinach, Kale, Avocado : Breakfast Shake

Blend these goodies up into a mega nutritious breakfast shake along with Milk and you’ll be good all morning with a great mix of Calcium, Magnesium and Good Fats for energy. We mix it up regularly with Peanut Butter, a dash of Lime or Strawberries.

Example Recipe: HERE


3) Coconut Milk, Broccoli, Radish, Chicken, Brown Rice : Healthy Thai

I love Thai Curry, so this is one of my favourites. By adding Broccoli we ensure that we’re getting a good sources of Fibre along with the goodness it offers in Vitamin B6/B1, Protein and Magnesium which are all essential for Muscle and Bone development.

Example Recipe: HERE