Podcasts for Fitness, Nutrition and the Mind that you need to tune into now

Dieting and Weight Loss as a Concept Abstract

Podcasts have been around for years, but for many people they’re still an undiscovered pot of goodness. Personally I find them a great source of inspiration, and learning experience that I can carry with me and listen in to when I otherwise wouldn’t be able to read, like when commuting, driving, cooking etc.

We’ve found a few good apps too, if you’re on iOS then you’ll struggle to beat the Apple Podcast App but on android we’ve used PlayerFM and PodBean that both offer download and play offline functionality that I find really helps if you’re on a train or underground for example.

So what are we listening to right now?

Bulletproof Radio by Dave Asprey

Dave is known as the Bulletproof Exec, he’s one of the original Bio-hackers and inventor of Bulletproof Coffee. If that doesn’t mean much to you then you need to check him out, he brings industry leaders from across the fields of Medicine, Fitness, Cognitive Function and Nutrition to his podcast and discusses strategies to perform better at everything you do. It’s worth reading up on the Bulletproof diet too!

Topics: Health, Cognitive Function, Nutrition, Living Longer.


Food for Fitness by Scott Baptie

Scott is a long standing Personal Trainer from Scotland, he talks brilliantly around his approach to fitness and no-nonsense evidence based techniques to burn fat, get stronger and maintain that through changing habits for the better – no fads here! His guests are fantastic and an inspiration too.

Topics: Sports, Nutrition, Training


The Minimalists by Joshua and Ryan

These two guys tell an inspirational story of living more with less. Less usually means less stuff, and less distraction from what really drives value in your life. We like the way they navigate topics that are a huge U-Turn to what the commercial landscape wants from you if you look at advertising. Their positivity and thoughtfulness around these topics is amazing, and they’ll certainly make you think about whether you really need another pair of £129 AirMax….

Topics: Mindset, Positivity, Pressures of Life


The Fat-Burning Man Show by Abel James

After years of frustration with his own health Abel turned away from his doctor and led his own research into good health and nutrition. With world class leaders across the topics he explores topics such at Alternative Health, Nutrition, and science backed training to help you train and get better results. Like Dave Asprey, Abel is also an advocate of a using fat as an energy source and tuning the focus on to managing sugar consumption.

Topics: Fitness, Nutrition, Training


Do let us know what you think once you’ve tuned in, and add any in the comments that you think we need to listen in to.