Functionally.co sets out to be leading online platform combining fitness, nutrition and focus. Bringing together essential principles of good health and performance on a unique online community, with guest articles from industry experts, analysis of research and thoughts from our experiences on the ground to help you perform better at everything you do from the gym to valuable time spent at home and work.

You are what you eat has never been so true, in todays world where we understand more about how nutrition helps you physically be strong, boost immunity and even boost cognitive function.

We’ll bring to you the latest findings and explorations about the effect of particular training regimes, training tips and a look into functional training to help you achieve your goals whether it be a power lift PB or simply returning to full mobility after an accident.

We’re fascinated how nutrition has taken a leap forward in the area of cognitive function and how the things we do and consume have huge effects of our ability to focus and ultimately perform better.

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